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Tortoise Hill Theme Park and F&D culture
 Culture about Tortoise
Tortoise Hill Theme Park and F&D culture
     in 2005, F&D Shiyan Ecosystem Hi-Tech Park broke ground and industrial strategies were implemented in an all-round way. During cleaning stage, an unexpected natural stone appeared which looked like a large and historical tortoise fossil in the park. That is considered as a symbol of auspicious omen according to the traditional culture of China. Because tortoise was considered as one of the four spiritual creatures in China.
     The 58 meters tortoise faces south, and keeps in line with office building. F&D with 18 years development is considered as a hidden champion which plays an important role in consumption electronic industry. F&D  takes up the commission of let all have good experience in music that means more responsibility and hope. Tortoise as one of spiritual creatures also indicates it’s the company's.

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